When the eldest daughter of Teacher Tina Zamora, Arianna, entered the UP Child Development Center in 1997, she was introduced to a whole new philosophy of early childhood education.

The progressive classroom and curriculum of UP-CDC was a breath of fresh air. Arianna’s teacher knew her very well — her interests, her strengths, her weaknesses, her favorite books and her best friends. Teacher Tina saw Arianna bloom from a shy and quiet girl to a more sociable preschooler — confident that her teacher and her school affirm her identity and talent.

This inspired Teacher Tina to open a preschool that espouses such an environment. She took her Master of Family Life and Child Development degree in the same college housing the UP-CDC, the UP College of Home Economics in Diliman.

In 2001, Nest Learning Center opened its doors to 26 preschool children. Teacher Tina chose the name Nest because it is a place where the young learn what they need before flying off to face the world. The preschool started with 3 teachers, including Teacher Tina herself.

Facade 100_3239 100_3145 Photo02_2

Beginning in 2002, Nest partnered with UP Family Life and Child Development by accepting student teachers.

In 2006, Nest Learning Center was renamed Nest School for Whole Child Development, Incorporated — a non-stock, non-profit corporation. This is to pave the way to open the school’s Grade School Department after much clamor from the Nest families for a progressive grade school. Nest then transferred to its present location at 92 Matahimik Street, Brgy. Malaya, Quezon City to make way for more preschool and grade school classes.

Nest School Building - old

Nest School in 2006


Nest School now

By 2007, Nest has grown to 6 preschool classes- from Toddlers to Preparatory class and for the very first time, offered its grade school curriculum.

Since Nest’s philosophy is progressive, developmentally appropriate and interactive, it is also the best environment for children with special needs. In 2008, Nest opened its Special Education Department to manage the personal educational plans of its students with special educational needs.

In 2012, Nest opened its Reading Department as part of establishing the advocacy of Reading as a core skill.  Nest desires to inculcate Love for Reading in each student by providing a collection of well-chosen books in the library.  Reading classes were also integrated in their subjects to enrich word attack and comprehension skills. Reading Intervention Program was also provided for children who need help in Reading.

After more than 10 years of providing progressive education, Nest School, is now known as one of the premier progressive schools in the country.


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