It’s a bird….

It’s a plane…

Oooohhhh noooo!!!!

They are the Super Senses..

and they are coming your way.

The Grade 3 students learned about the 5 Senses and they agreed that these parts can be a SUPER HERO CHARACTERS. We called them “The Super Senses” and from that, they also realized that our 5 senses are very important especially in our daily life. We use at least one of the five senses every moment of every day and they are on duty even when we are asleep! These senses work together to let our brain know what is going on around us. They help us keep  safe by warning us of any danger.

The pictures below are the interpretation of the Grade 3 students of how their super hero look like and their super powers.

Toulouse Le Touch

TOULOUSE LE TOUCH by Teacher Malou (used as an example)

Amelia Ear

AMELIA EAR by Alex, Kris, Enzo and Sean

Sir Edmund Eye

SIR EDMUND EYE by Thea, Kaethe, Max and Nirvana

LaToya Tongue

LaTOYA TONGUE by: Shannen, Keona, Anton and Kian

Nose Wong

NOSE WONG by Edge, Ella, Zoey and Ziggy


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