To learn more about the different helpers in the community, Preschool C visited Ed’s Table, a newly opened restaurant along Maginhawa Street. The place was specifically chosen in line with their letter of the week, letter Ww for Waiter.

Before leaving Nest, the children reviewed their field trip rules to make sure that they will have a safe and organized trip. After doing so, they prepared to leave excitedly.



Upon arrival, the friendly staff greeted preschool C and led them to their table. While waiting for Tito Joel, one of the co-owners of the restaurant,, the children discussed the different community helpers found in the restaurant aside from Waiter. This includes the manager, cashier, chef/cook, and janitor. They also prepared for the activity by washing their hands and wearing their aprons.



Tito Joel arrived and introduced himself to Preschool C and got to know their names one by one.


Kuya Neo, one of the managers of the restaurant, demonstrated how the children can make their own egg sandwiches, with the assistance of Teacher Chato.


After the children have observed how the sandwiches are made, Teacher Ayi, with the help of Teacher Alexa, (daughters of the owners of the restaurant) further led the children in making their very own Egg and Cheese sandwiches. They showed the ingredients to the children and prepared the sandwiches step by step as the children follows.



Ingredients needed:

  • Hardboiled eggs sliced into small pieces
  • Grated cheese
  • Sliced carrots
  • Sliced pipino
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt and Pepper


To make the sandwiches, the children first spread mayonnaise over the pandesal. Then, they put a spoonful of egg, cheese, carrots, 2 slices of pipino, and a pinch of salt and pepper. The children enthusiastically followed directions and enjoyed making their own sandwiches.

eds10 eds11



Once every one was done, they all happily ate their sandwiches and drank their Calamansi juice. The children responded to the activity by saying how much they loved the food and how yummy or masarap their sandwiches are.

eds14 eds15


To show their gratitude and appreciation for a very fun and wonderful experience, Preschool C gave the Thank You Card they made for Ed’s Table. It was surely a field trip experience that Preschool C will never forget. Thank you, Ed’s Table! 🙂



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