To start off the new week, Preschool C had a visit from Sophie’s mom. Nanay Peach, also known as “Isha” (her stage name) introduced a new song entitled “Mother Dear” to the class with the help of Sophie.

Nanay Peach and Sophie

Nanay Peach Quebral was the special guest of Preschool C

Nanay Peach Quebral

Nanay Peach showed the class different musical instruments such as tambourine, keyboard, and drums. She handed the students the musical instruments s well as the ones they already have in class to accompany her in singing the song.

Nanay Peach singing

Nanay Peach singing with Preschool C

The children enjoyed playing with the different musical instruments and singing along with Nanay Peach and Sophie. When it was time to leave, they wanted to play with the instruments longer. They sang the song again one last time before finally saying good bye.

Nanay Peach and Preschool C

Nanay Peach and Preschool C

Preschool C showed their sincerest gratitude by giving Nanay Peach a Thank You card cut in a shape of a musical note. They ended Circle Time with musical instruments in their hands and big smiles on their faces. 🙂


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