Ahoy and welcome to Preschool C’s Ss week!

The students made their own versions of a snow globe using a ship, water, glitters, and food coloring. The students folded their ships then placed them in the bottles. They then filled the bottles with water and experimented with food coloring. The children used the colors red, yellow, and blue to create other colors such as violet, green, and orange.

teacher explaining

The children watch and listen as Teacher Alex explains color mixing

Once the students had colored water in their bottles, the teachers asked them to place some glitters inside. The glitters served as the “snow” or bubbles in the water. The children shook their bottles, swirled the glitters around, then watched as the glitters settle back in the bottom of the bottle.

ship in a bottle

Henry and Chloe put glitters into their bottles

The children enjoyed creating their ships in a bottle so much that they kept asking the teachers if they could bring their bottles home.

This week, also decorated their very own sailor hats and made their own sailboats out of juice boxes for their Ss for Sailor week! With their sailor hats, sailboats, and ships in a bottle, Preschool C is all ready to sail away through the day!


ship in a bottle

Rilo, Henry, and Joaquin pose with their ships in a bottle!

To make your very own Ship in a Bottle, you will need:

–          230ml clean PET bottle (we used C2 bottles for this activity)

–          Shape of a ship cut out of hard plastic

–          Glitters

–          Food coloring

You can try adding different objects to the water to make the bottles more interesting and unique. Try sprinkling coarse glitters, small sequins, or even colored sand into your bottle to achieve a different effect. You could also experiment by adding some small fish or star cut-outs into your water bottle to create a sea.


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