For Preschool C’s letter Rr week, the children built their very own railroad tracks using popsicle sticks and strips of illustration board. They stuck seven popsicle sticks on the track, one for every color of the rainbow!

gluing popsicle sticks

Sophie glues her popsicle sticks onto the tracks

counting skill

Chloe counts the popsicle sticks to make sure she has seven

After the railroad tracks have dried, the students painted them with the colors of the rainbow. The children of Preschool C sang the Rainbow song while painting the popsicle sticks to remember the order of the colors.

rainbow colors

Rafee and DD paint their railroad tracks with red, orange, yellow, and green, blue, and indigo, the last one is violet!

When the paint dried, the children placed their trains on the rainbow railroad tracks and they were all ready to begin their colorful journey!

rainbow train tracks

Here is Preschool C’s colourful train station!

To make your very own rainbow railroad track, you will need:

–          2 strips of illustration board (1/2” thick)

–          7 popsicle sticks

–          Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet paint

You can experiment with this activity and create wider railroad tracks using tongue depressors or different types of paint, markers, and other coloring materials. Enjoy!


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