Preschool C welcomes the new year with the letter Q! This week is all about community helpers and things that start with the letter Q such as queen, quilt maker, quail, and the like. One of their activities for the week is the “Magic Message.”

Teacher Alex gave each student a blank sheet of paper where they were asked to write their full names.

On the opposite side of the paper, the children were asked to paint using the color of their choice to see what was written or drawn.
PSC4 (2)

PSC3 (2)
The children were surprised and amazed to see the different images that appeared as they painted.

PSC7 PSC5 (2)
Some of the children compared their images with their classmates and requested other images from the teacher. Joaquin said “teacher, next time, gusto ko Octopus”

Preschool C learned new words starting with letter Q such as quill and quail. They were also happy to see images they are familiar with such as the question mark and queen!

Check out more photos of Preschool C activities here.


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