The Preschool A students familiarized themselves with the letter O as they spent a week learning about animals whose names start with the said letter. Among these animals is a sea creature which is known for its tentacles and suckers – the octopus! To know more about this animal, the students engaged themselves in the following octopus-themed activities:

1. Tissue Core Octopus

Each of the students got the opportunity to make their very own octopus using a tissue core that they, themselves, have painted. After painting the tissue core, they put the eight tentacles of the octopus by cutting along the lines on the core. They also glued two googly eyes on the core and drew a mouth on it for the face of the octopus.


2. Octopus with Bubble Wrap Tentacles

To make it easier for the children to understand the common body parts of the octopus, they made another octopus craft using different materials. For its head, a letter O cutout from a paper plate was used.

They painted it with their desired colors and attached eight strips of bubble wrap – which they also painted – onto it to create the tentacles of the octopus. The “bubbles” on the bubble wrap served as the animal’s suckers on its tentacles. To finish the sea creature’s illustration, two googly eyes were also glued onto the letter O cutout.


3. Octopus Hotdogs


Another activity which helped the children remember that an octopus bears eight tentacles was by making octopus hotdogs. With the assistance from their teachers, the Preschool A students inserted eight spaghetti noodles into bite sized hotdogs.


The hotdogs were then cooked by Ate Donna by putting them in a pan with boiling water. Afterwards, the children enjoyed eating and sharing the octopus hotdogs with their teachers and Ate Donna during Snack Time.

These activities surely added fun and excitement to the Preschool A students’ getting-to-know-letter-O experience.

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