For the past weeks, the Preschool A class has been using a certain letter in the alphabet every week in learning about the different animals. But on the last week of classes before Christmas Break, the children used letter P – the letter of the week – to talk about the most celebrated season every year: Christmas or in Filipino, Pasko.

The children of Preschool A class learned the reason why we celebrate Christmas when Mommy Veira Gonzales (of Kezia) read to them the book The Wonderful Christmas Story. The book illustrated how Mary and Joseph looked for a place where Mary can give birth to Baby Jesus as well as the gifts that the three wise men offered to Baby Jesus.

To remind the children of the true meaning of Christmas, they made their own image of Baby Jesus lying in a manger with the use of strips of brown paper, half popsicle stick and tissue paper.

Also, they learned more about the symbols of Christmas as they decorated Christmas cards for their parents. Inside the card, the greeting goes, “Merry Christmas Mommy and Daddy! I love you! (name of child).” They also made decorations for the school Christmas tree.

Star for the Christmas Tree

Basti hanging his star on the tree

The class culminated their talk about Christmas by having a Christmas Party where the teachers and the children shared the joy of giving and receiving gifts to one another.

Preschool A with Teachers LA, Anna, Gia and Bea

Merry Christmas Preschool A!

To view other pictures of Preschool A’s Christmas fun, click here.


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