Last November 21, 2012, the Preschool B children had a Helicopter flying activity on the open playground with Teacher Angelo and Teacher Monette.

During Circle Time 1, the children discussed about Air Vehicles specifically, Helicopters. Teacher Angelo showed a picture of a helicopter to the children. They talked about the different parts and functions of the helicopter, and the children were able to identify those parts.

After the discussion, Teacher Angelo said that they will have a paper folding activity that excited the children. Each of them went to their seat and waited to be given a paper. The children decorated their papers with crayons and coloring pens.



After that, T. Angelo showed how to fold the paper and make it into a paper helicopter. T. Monette and Ate Bibit also assisted the children with the folding.

This activity enables the children to expand their imagination in creating their own helicopters, but also to enhance their fine motor skills such as proper tripod grip in holding a coloring material and folding a paper in half.

When Outdoor Play came, the children were asked to bring their helicopters. The teachers counted 1 to 3 and the children happily flied their helicopters in the air.


If you want to make a helicopter with your child at home, you will need a paper, scissors, paper clip and coloring materials. Here is a simple instruction that you can follow:

paper helicopter


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