This Christmas season, the students of Preschool C have been making Christmas decorations such as their very own Christmas angels and a belen to decorate the classroom. On November 28, Preschool C welcomed a very special guest to their classroom, Mommy Lorie!

During her visit, Mommy Lorie showed the class how to make Christmas tree picture frames. The children of Preschool C sat in a semi-circle and listened attentively as Mommy Lorie explained and demonstrated the activity. She gave each child 3 green tongue depressors and a picture to make their picture frames.

Mommy Lorie explained that they needed to glue the tongue depressors together to make a triangle to make their frames. They would then need to paste their picture onto the frames and decorate the frame with glitters and Christmas shapes.

Mommy Lorie helping out the children in making their picture frames

After the activity, the children of Preschool C thanked Mommy Lorie for visiting the class and they gave her a big thank you card.

Preschool C with Mommy Lorie

Preschool C excitedly pose for a picture with Mommy Lorie

You can make your very own Christmas tree picture frames  at home! All you will need:

Christmas tree picture frame

Preschool C’s Christmas tree picture frame

-3 tongue depressors each picture frame (painted green)

-A picture


-Glitters and sequins for decoration

-1 Toilet paper tube per picture frame

-Paint for decoration


Speak your mind today! :)

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