As the students of Preschool A learn about animals whose names start with letter M, they were joined in by Mommy Jaja Battung (of Ally) last Thursday to read to them the story entitled Mouse Mess. It was about a mouse that made such a big mess after sneaking to the kitchen for his late midnight snack.

The children gave Mommy Jaja their undivided attention during Story Time. They also shared how they enjoy eating cheese and cookies like the mouse. And when Mommy Jaja asked them if they also fix the mess they make at home, some of them answered “Yes!” while others told her that they fix their toys after playing with them.

The children listen as Mommy Jaja tells them the story.

To thank Mommy Jaja for spending time to tell a story to them, the class handed her a Thank You card.

Preschool A students pose for a picture with Mommy Jaja.

Mommy Jaja also thanked the children for listening and sharing stories. She surprised the class by giving each of the students, as well as the teachers, a yummy treat that is wrapped in a mouse-shaped paper!

Mommy Jaja hands each of the children a mouse-shaped treat that she made.

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