The first semester sure was a lot of fun especially since we had Teachers Bea, Elle and Gia as contributors to the success of Preschool.


T. Gia, T. Bea and T. Elle performed “Walking on Sunshine” during the Preschool UN Program

This semester, we are once again blessed to have student teachers from UP Family Life and Child Development. Let’s get to know the 4 new practicum teachers for second sem:

Teacher Ana Manlapig
(Preschool A)

I am Ana Patricia Manlapig, or Ana for short, the kind of person who always likes her things to be neat, organized and fuchsia in color. I love reading books as every story in them takes me into another fascinating world and inspires me to make the best out of my everyday life. I enjoy trying new things, going on adventure trips, designing digital scrapbooks, doing crafts and collecting journal notebooks. Now that I am on my last year as a student in the BS Family Life and Child Development program in the University of the Philippines Diliman, I have seen how I truly enjoy playing and learning with the children. And the best part of being with them, I believe, is seeing their huge smiles and hearing their witty remarks. Someday, I want to travel around the world to see how beautiful and amazing our planet is.

Teacher Monet Juan
Preschool B

Always a kid at heart, dealing with children is an opportunity worth having. Teaching preschool children not only allows me to reminisce my childhood but also enables me share meaningful experiences and teach new things to the children. The values and life-long experiences that will be taught to the children can help shape them to become better persons in the future. I hope that I can touch their lives in my own little way.

Teacher Alex Padilla
(Preschool C)

I am Teacher Alex, a practicumer from Preschool C class. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite children’s book is “It’s Okay to Be Different” by Todd Parr.  I enjoy baking cupcakes and cookies for my family and friends. I also love to read books and watch movies during my free time.  I am in FLCD because my mom is a preschool teacher and I have learned to enjoy teaching children as well.

Teacher Chato Racoma
(Preschool C)

I am Angela Marie Rosario B. Racoma but you can call me Chato. I come from a big family of seven children so I know how it feels to be an ate and a younger sibling at the same time. I used to be part of theatre organizations due to my love for singing, acting, and performing. Performing on stage gives me the chance to experience different roles and to take on different characters. I
also love to run marathons and to take on adventures. Doing these things makes me feel that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. I am an aspiring pediatrician and long-distance runner. More importantly, I am a student teacher who loves children just as much as I love the things I have mentioned


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