The blessings just keep pouring in. We don’t just have 4 new student teachers, we now have 3 more…and this time for the Grade School Department.

Let’s get to know our practicum teachers who will be helping out our early graders:

T. Hannah Suezo
Grade 1

Hello, NEST family! I am Hannah Carmella Lois Suezo or you can call me Teacher Hannah. I am a fourth year student of the University of the Philippines studying Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education. I like eating cupcake, ice cream and anything sweet! I enjoy reading blogs, doodling and taking pictures of random things. I love playing with children, sharing stories and singing with them. I teach because I believe that every child deserves to reach their maximum potential and I am here to help them achieve that! I will make the most out of my stay here at NEST and I hope to help everyone with my best efforts 🙂 Stay happy, everyone! Fighting!

T. Kit Aguila
Grade 2

I’m Mariquit Evangeline Aguila, but my students call me Teacher Kit. I am now a candidate for graduation under the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education in Special Education. I love reading novels, especially those of sci-fi, fantasy and suspense genres. Everywhere I go, I always have my e-book reader with me. I like technology and I think that our capabilities as people and even as educators expand largely whenever we use technology. I also like chocolates, milk tea, sunny days and being called teach/teacher. I chose to be in Special Education because back when I was younger, I felt that everything I did was for my own benefit. I realized that I should be more involved and be an advocate of something that can change the world—I wanted to do something that’s bigger than me. Because of this, I tried exploring several fields, and I felt that educating was the most fun and the most direct way of making that sort of change. The experiences I had as a Special Education major were really moving and enlightening, that I actually see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

T. Shine Mandac
Grade 3

My name is Shine – a free-spirited, passionate girl who always tries to look at the bright yellow side of life. I love fresh air, windy days and the outdoors. My favorite types of play in the whole world are child’s play and wordplay. My favorite type of banana is choco-banana. I consider mirrors, karaoke, ice cream and the Internet as the best man-made inventions ever. I feel that I can’t live without music, love, laughter and connections. I’ve always been fascinated with human interaction, but teaching really caught me by surprise. You see, I never enjoyed playing teacher in “titser-titseran” when i was a kid. But then, discovering skills and interests I never knew I had jived with the turn of events and the rest is history. My ultimate dream is to become an outdoor adventure educator and a children’s party organizer.


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