Masquerade! Paper faces on parade
Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you
Masquerade! Every face a different shade
Masquerade! Look around, there’s another mask behind you.

Masquerade, The Phantom of the Opera

Back in the 15th to 18th century, masks were a staple in Venetian garb. They were first used as part of costumes for actors in theater. Over time, they became available for people who were not actors to wear. They became part of attires in parties, worn to hide the identity of people. Now, masks are worn by different figures. Superheroes to even crooks find some use in wearing masks.

The students of Preschool A made their own masks in celebration of Europe for United Nations Week. During Activity Time 1, they first painted their masks with different colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, and green. After the paint had dried, they decorated their masks by pasting on different decorative materials. They made use of sequins, cellophane, and colored feathers to make their masks eye-catching.

Aeon paints his mask a bright red

Aeon paints his mask a bright red



Basti decorates his multi-colored mask


Ta-da! A finished mask! 

The students had a great time making their masks. May they enjoy what else is in store for them as they celebrate the United Nations.

More photos of the Preschool A activities here.


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