As the semester approaches its end, academic requirements, evaluative activities, among other things, begin to pile up in the remaining weeks of class for any UP student. But for a BS Family Life and Child Development student who is taking up practicum, the end of the semester also signifies the end of student teaching.

Mixed feelings surface regarding the end of practicum. On one hand, the need to wake up very early is no longer as pressing—sleeping can be truly enjoyed again. Lengthy word documents such as Individual Children’s Logs and Narratives will soon be out of the way. As some things will be gained, such as more time to sleep and more time to allot for final papers and projects, some things will also be lost. Perhaps the saddest part about finishing a semester with practicum is saying goodbye to the students you’ve grown to know and care for.

Preschool As Farewell Card

Preschool A’s farewell card

I am not a parent so I can’t say anything about unconditional love for a child. But as a student-teacher who has racked her brain to come up with activities that are not only about tracing, pasting, and coloring paper, I can say that being a teacher is not possible without loving. Throughout the short span of just three and half months, I’ve come to understand and appreciate, again, the uniqueness of each child.

Preschool A gives Teacher Bea and Teacher Gia a big hug

One of our many group hugs

Children have in themselves a sincere enthusiasm about the world; it is as if everything were full of wonder. Perhaps they see the world in this way because they do not yet know of exams or the pains of growing up. Whatever the reason is, as I end my practicum, and eventually my stay in the premier state university of this country, I hope to have the sincere enthusiasm my students have showed me every day I was with them. That way, not only can I smile in spite of the challenges I will be facing soon, but it will also be like I am still with the darling students of Preschool A.


Preschool A with T. Kim, T. Bea, T. Gia and T. LA


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