Preschool B’s class curriculum is all about vehicles. As part of our learning experiences, we had our first car washing activity last September 25, 2012.

Before the activity, the class discussed several car washing rules.

Car Wash Rules

  1. Always listen to the teachers.
  2. Walk only.
  3. The water is for washing the car.
  4. The soap is for washing the car.
  5. Use soft voice only.

Step 1: Mixing the water and soap in the pail. Each one had their turn to mix.


Step 2: Soaping the car.


The students were given sponges to wash the car.


Some students even enjoyed cleaning the tires of the car.

Step 3: After putting soap, the students were given their turns on rinsing off the soap from the car.


Step 4: Children wipe the car with a cloth.


After wiping the car, a thank you card was given to Teacher Je for letting us wash his car.

Car washing is one example of things the children and their family can all enjoy. There are a lot of things to do in the house that children can help with. They just need guidance and help in doing the things needed to be done.

More photos of our car washing fun here.


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