The sailboat is one of the water vehicles the Preschool B talked about. In reviewing all the vehicles the class has discussed, Preschool B made their own sailboat sandwich last September 26, 2012.

Teacher Angelo showed the class the recipe chart while showing the ingredients and utensils that will be used in the activity. Bread was prepared beforehand – a half circle for the hull (or body) and a triangle for the mainsail.


Making the sailboat sandwich was easy. Each child was given the chance to prepare their own sandwich. The steps they did were:

1. Cheese was spread for the hull part while and ham was used as the filling for the mainsail.



2. Both were then cooked inside the small oven.

3. Once it was done (with a golden brown color on both sides), a toothpick was used to attach the mainsail to the hull.

4. Enjoy!

While the sandwich was in the oven, the Preschool B went out for Outdoor Play.

When they got back, it was just in time because the sailboat sandwiches were ready! During Snack Time, the class had fun munching the sandwich that they made.

The sailboat sandwich is an easy recipe that can be done at home. It’s a fun way to bond with your kids while at the same time talking about what they did in class. Why not try doing it at home? Enjoy!


Photos of our Sailboat Sandwich fun can be found here.


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