In light of the coming Palarong Pinoy, the teachers of the Preschool Department decided to introduce Araw o Gabi to the students in order to familiarize them with the game. Preschool A and Preschool B synchronized their Outdoor Play schedules in order to play Araw o Gabi together. Both classes were led outside. There, the teachers explained how the game was played.

Teacher Kim, with a slipper in hand, demonstrated and explained the mechanics of the game.

1. The students were to pick one of the following: Araw (sun drawing) or Gabi (moon drawing), and that after they have picked, they would run to the drawing on the ground that indicates their choice.

2. The students were to stay on sun if they picked Araw or if they picked Gabi, they were to say on the drawing of the moon and the stars.

3. Teacher Kim explained that they would know who gets to continue to the next round by means of throwing a slipper. She said that the right side up refers to Araw while the sole of the slipper refers to Gabi.

Quezon City-20120924-00673

Teacher Kim about to throw the slipper into the air.

Once the mechanics and demonstration by the teachers finished, the first round was executed. The students were made to choose a side they wanted to be on. Some children immediately ran toward the sun and the moon. Others were unable to choose a side, so the teachers helped them out.

The slipper was finally thrown in the air, and it landed with its sole up. Those who chose the moon cheered and clapped, while those who chose the sun sat at the edge of the playground.


Running to choose ‘Araw o Gabi’.

The first round winner was Eli. In the second round, Ivan emerged victorious. After a couple of rounds, the preschoolers were able to understand the game and started to really enjoy it.

Come Palarong Pinoy, the preschoolers will definitely participate and bring their competitive spirit. Who knows? They might just win this, slipper down.

More photos of the practice here.


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