Last September 28, the entire Nest community headed to the basketball court in Barangay 2-A to celebrate the much anticipated Palarong Pinoy. The preschoolers and gradeschoolers all participated in the event. They were grouped together into different teams, namely: Kahel, Bughaw, Dilaw, and Pula, enabling the preschoolers to interact with the gradeschoolers and vice versa.

Inspired by the Olympic tradition, four grade school students carried with them torches of fire as they ran around the perimeter of the court to signify the commencement of the games.


Paula, Paolo, JR and Jan Luke (of Grade 6 Martines) were the team representatives/torch bearers

The event started off with each team showcasing the cheers they had been practicing. Each team added their own twist to their cheers. Popular songs, instruments and props, even cartwheels and splits were just some of the features of each team’s performance.


Kahel, Bughaw, Pula, Dilaw all showing their team spirit through cheers.

All in all, the teams did themselves proud by showing their participative and energetic spirit, an important aspect needed to fuel the energy of the Palarong Pinoy.

Many different games were played. Araw o Gabi, where students would slowly be eliminated based on their choice of “Araw” or “Gabi” was an exciting way to begin the day. Students were shouting, cheering, and convincing each other which side to choose. At the end of it all, they were subject to the turnout of the tossed slipper. No matter the outcome, whether eliminated or not, the students enjoyed this first game.

Araw o Gabi

First game: Araw o Gabi

Aside from this, there many variations of relay races such as, Bilao Race, Tanim sa Lupa, and Larong Lata. In each of these races, the teams were to out-speed each other as they performed the specific tasks per game. It was apparent that all teams were very competitive and tried their very best to be as quick, yet precise as possible, but what was most notable in these games was the interaction of the gradeschoolers and the preschoolers.

Bilao Race

Teacher LA helps Zach carry his bilao filled with toy food.

Tanim sa Lupa

Kahel cheering for Cole.

Larong Lata

Paula guides Kezia as she brings the can back to the line.

During the relay races, it was evident that the preschoolers experienced some difficulty moving quicker. This did not faze the gradeschoolers. Instead of being upset with their pace, the gradeschoolers would help the younger ones achieve the task.

During the Bilao Race, when food items were falling off the bilao, the gradeschoolers would pick them up and put them back on the Bilao. During Tanim sa Lupa, the gradeschoolers would guide the preschoolers as they put the straws inside each bottle. The cooperation and understanding on the part of the gradeschoolers was very commendable. Not only were they embodying fairness, they were also being understanding and empathetic toward the preschoolers.

In a nutshell, what can be learned from the Palarong Pinoy is not only the competitive spirit, but also how to work together, in spite of differences. This event proved not only to be a day of fun but a day of learning as well.


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