Last Monday, Mommy Zarah Tan (of Basti) was invited to join Preschool A as they learned about Europe in light of United Nations Week. Mommy Zarah read Adventures with John and Nicholas: The Crayon Hunt, a story about the two brothers searching for missing crayons inside their house for Story Time. This was, however, not an ordinary story.

What made the story interesting?  Could it be because John and Nicholas were talking dogs? Could it be because they were looking for crayons? Or could it be because the story was written in French?

Mommy Zarah’s fluency in French was shared with the class as she read John and Nicholas’ story in its native language. She read two chapters in the French language while I read the English translation to the class. Although the children were sitting properly and quietly and paying attention to the story, it seemed as if the story being told was a little confusing for them. Although I asked them questions that pertained to the story, they did not respond.


They simply looked at the opened book. Who can blame the kids—trying to understand a foreign language is really difficult, even for adults!  In spite of that, Mommy Zarah did not hesitate to teach the children, as well as the teachers, some words in French. She taught the class the five colors of crayons that were in the book, namely: red – rouge, white – blanc, blue – bleu, yellow – jaune, and green – vert. Pronouncing the French words was definitely a challenge because it required different intonations, but it was also quite amusing to hear how everyone tried to do so.

After the story, Mommy Zarah also shared with the class a famous French song called Gentille Alouette, which means “Pretty Lark”. She read the French lyrics and explained what the words meant. Next, the song was played and actions were done in order for the students to imitate them. Everyone had a great time learning about French words and Gentille Alouette.

Gentille Alouette

Alouette, gentille alouette,

alouette, je te plumerai.

Je te plumerai le bec / les yeux / la tête / le cou / les ailes (2x)

et le bec, / les yeux / la tête / le cou / les ailes (2x)

alouette, alouette, ah !

Alouette, gentille alouette,

alouette, je te plumerai.

Pretty Lark

Lark, pretty lark,

Lark, I will take a feather from you.

I will take a feather from your beak/ eyes/ neck/ head/ wings (2x)

and your beak / eyes / neck / head / wings (2x)

Lark, lark, oh!

Lark, pretty lark,

Lark, I will take a feather from you.

It was soon time to say goodbye to Mommy Zarah. After taking pictures with her, the class bid her goodbye. It was surely a blast learning all about French words and music. 


The rest of the photos of our mini French class can be found here.

Watch the Preschool A Gentille Alouette performance c/o Mommy Tintin Molina-Ilao here.


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