A lot of parents nowadays have trouble understanding their children’s behaviors as well as how to discipline them. Being in the age wherein physical punishment is a strongly discouraged form of discipline, parents today have a harder time in figuring out what disciplining techniques to use on their children.

Last September 22, 2012, Saturday, the Preschool Department of Nest invited the parents on both preschool and grade school children for a seminar on understanding why children behave differently in different situations as well as how can parents handle these types of behaviors.

The seminar started with the BS FLCD student teachers from UP Diliman leading a short ice breaker game for the parents. Each parent was asked to look under their chairs for small pieces of paper with letters on them. Those who got the papers were then asked to go in front and help each other out in forming the word, “MANAGEMENT”.


After the game, T. Tina gave the opening remarks and also introduced our guest speaker.

Dr. Estrella R. Agustin or T. Yangky, as she is fondly called by many, was our guest speaker. She is a professor and former department chairperson of the Department of Family Life and Child Development from the College of Home Economics, UP Diliman with a PhD in Education Psychology. She shared her insights, thoughts and knowledge on the topic and even gave a few trivia about herself and recent news. (DID YOU KNOW? That according to the World Health Organization, preschool aged children must eat every 2 hours to have a balanced and well-maintained diet.)


After her talk, she then welcomed questions from the parents.

The seminar was surely helpful to the parents as well as to the teachers. T. Je then awarded T. Yangky the Certificate of Appreciation for sharing her time with us.


T. Tina then gave her closing remarks and thanked everyone who came.

Thank you for joining us dear parents! Until the next parent education seminar!:)


About Teacher Angelo

preschool teacher. adventurer. child at heart. loves to eat and taste different delicacies. would love to travel the world. optimist. dreamer. believer. "It just takes a simple smile to make things easier." :)

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