F for Frog.

This was a fine and fun learning experience for the children of Preschool A. They met F, wrote F, colored F, identified F, and applied F during the entire week of September 10 to 14. As a creative output, the children made a frog in a lily pad by making use of paper plates, green paper, tissue cores, and flower cut-outs. The lily pads were made of paper plates which the children covered with pieces of green paper they tore by themselves.


The paper tearing  was for them to exercise their fine motor skills. The frogs were made of painted tissue cores where the children pasted the frog’s eyes, tongue, and legs. Afterwards, the children glued their frogs to the lily pads they made and pasted some flower cut-outs to complete their frog’s new home.   



Another froggy artwork they did was the paper bag frog. The children of Preschool A pasted cutouts of different shapes, froggy tongue, froggy eyes, and froggy legs onto paper bags which they could play with after. In the end, it was a fun, fabulous, funny, and fantastic froggy experience.

Javier putting glue onto the paperbag

Javier putting glue onto the paperbag.


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