I’m pretty sure most of the adults today miss playing with one of the most popular children’s toys (or play things) – Play-Doh.

Nest is very happy that Play-Doh took the time to share their wonders with our Preschool C and Kindergarten classes. We welcomed our guest teachers – Teacher Aby and Coach Jun – as they gave us a fun workshop on playdough molding and even some song and dance exercises.

The children were taught the Hokey Pokey dance as well as the Play-Doh dance.


T. Aby (of Play-Doh) shows the dance steps and the children gladly follow.

Afterwhich, each child was given a Play-Doh tub to use as Teacher Aby guided them in making their own Play-Doh creations.


The Nest children having serious fun making their masterpieces.


The Smiley Face.


Rafee is all smiles as she starts to use green Play-Doh.

The Starfish (or for the children, Patrick Star from Spongebob)


Christian and his Play-Doh starfish.

After the workshop, Play-Doh was very generous as they also gave Nest a gift– a brand new Sweet Shoppe Swirling Shake Shoppe Playset (ice cream maker) for the children to play with and enjoy!


Dale trying out the Swirlin’ Shake Shoppe.

For the last part, Preschool C and Kindergarten also gave their small token of appreciation – a thank you card.


Truly, Play-Doh is a wonderful plaything to have in school and at home. It is useful in developing creativity, imagination, fine motor skills and a lot more…plus it’s loads of fun too!

Thank you Play-Doh! We hope to see you soon again!:)

More photos of the Play-Doh fun here.


About Teacher Angelo

preschool teacher. adventurer. child at heart. loves to eat and taste different delicacies. would love to travel the world. optimist. dreamer. believer. "It just takes a simple smile to make things easier." :)

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