When i was in grade school (i will not mention the year!! ^_^) my teachers always asked the question – “Who is a scientist?”  The answers usually came from the thought that they are old, grumpy and nerdy based on the pictures I’ve seen in our encyclopedia.

Now that  I am the teacher.. I also asked my students about this. Children usually describe scientists based on what they have seen in movies or cartoons (just like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory and Flint Lockwood from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs).

Some say that scientists are evil because of their bad inventions, some are weirdos. But then, when I asked them — who really is a scientist? Why do we need to know about them? Are they important??

So for us to break the misconceptions and hearsays  about a scientist, here are the answers of our graders after discussing this topic…

How about you, what is your answer to the question “Who ?


Speak your mind today! :)

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