It was my first time attend a curriculum presentation. I am glad that majority of the parents were there to know about their child’s education. There  were a number of questions and suggestions that came up. For me, it’s really good  that the parents are really interested to learn about the things we teach the young children.

But on that day, it wasn’t just the parents who attended. There were also a handful of students present. They were the ones who showed their parents what they do every day during Meeting Time.


The curriculum presentation is just one of the many activities that emphasize on home-school-partnership.

Parent-Teacher relationship is really important if we want the children to develop to their full potential. Reinforcement done in the house of the lessons they learn in school is a big help to the students.

Simple activities in everyday life can be used to develop the child’s potential at the same time making learning fun, comfortable and easy. Giving simple math lessons everyday like counting the steps it takes to go from one room to another, identifying colors and shapes found in the household are simple yet effective ways to make learning enjoyable.

I remember the time when I was in Primary School, my mom would give me math drills whenever we are on our way to somewhere. It included addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of certain numbers. It sure did help me a lot to not fear math and to enjoy it.

There are a lot of things, you, dear parents, can do to nurture your child’s learning. It’s always good to make learning a part of our daily life.

Speak your mind today! :)

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