One of my Teacher-Made-Materials is the ‘can you feel it’ box. It’s a box that contains 25 smaller boxes with the picture of vehicles on one side and a texture on the other side. The objective of the material is to teach the students to identify and to sort textures. The textures of the boxes are: smooth (felt paper), rough (sand paper), embossed (embossed paper), sticky (tape), and rocky (small rocks glued to the box).


When I showed the box to the class, they said that it was a big mystery box.


See, we have a mystery box in the room. It is a box that contains pictures of group of things (i.e. things that start with letter A, or food items that contains Carbohydrates, like the one we did on Nutrition Week) we discuss during Circle Time 2. I asked them to guess what was inside the box.

After a few guesses, I showed them a sample box. We used ‘can you feel it’ box in a few easy steps:


1.  I also asked them to count all of the boxes I will put out.

2. I gave them the labels one by one, let them read and touch it, and then I taped it in the sorting box.

3. I called each of the children, asked them to get one of the small boxes

4. Each child had to identify the vehicle, feel the texture and sort the little box according to texture.

The children didn’t have a hard time in classifying the textures in the boxes. Before the activity ended, we reviewed the different textures we learned about.

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