Urban gardening has a lot of benefits:

  • Urban gardening is a great and inexpensive activity that can definitely help improve your health. Through urban gardening you will be able to get your exercise, reduce your stress and get some time to relax.
  • It is also an activity that can foster a quality time with your family without even leaving the house.
  • For kids, gardening is a fun way to plant herbs and vegetables in their backyard. Which they can also use for recipes later on!

What if the family lives in a condo unit where there is no yard available to plant herbs and vegetables? This is where Urban Gardening comes in. You can create your own garden even if you live in a skyscraper type building! It is possible!

How to make your own urban garden


  • Plastic cups or 1.5 Liter water or soda bottles
  • Potting soil
  • Plants or seeds


1. Cut your plastic bottles into two equal parts.

2. Using the top half of the plastic bottles, invert it such that the part where the bottle cap is should be at the bottom.

3. Punch 3 holes on the side of the container. Make sure the holes are punched in equal distance. Tie strings on this holes and this will be used as hanging planters.

4. The bottom half of your plastic containers will be used as your regular tabletop or window seal planters. Make sure you punch holes at the bottom of the planters so excess water can drip.

5. Now, put your potting soil into the platters and start planting.

The Grade 4 Loro children were able to plant the herbs in the bottle containers donated by the Nest students and families. For this project, bigger bottles were used and one side was cut instead of the usual half method mentioned above.

Thank you so much for your donations!


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An educator in profession but kid at heart.

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