Last July 16, 2012, Preschool C celebrated Daniel Dean Cleto Shipley’s fourth birthday together with Mommy Pinay, Ate Beth, and Ate Dory.

Mommy Pinay prepared a very special zoo art activity for the children of Preschool C.


After making the activity, Preschool C sang a very joyous happy birthday to our dearest Daniel Dean.

Blow your candle DD! 🙂


After praying and washing their hands, Preschool C shared DD’s spaghetti, chicken, juice, and cake!


The children surely had a very full stomach with Daniel Dean’s food feast prepared by Mommy Pinay.

After eating, the children played longest happy birthday. They also gave their gifts to DD and in turn, Mommy Pinay and DD gave Preschool C some colorful playdough to even more enhance their fine motor skills.


Thank you for celebrating your fourth birthday with us DD! God bless you and your family, and may you have many more happy and healthy birthdays to come! ❤ 🙂

The rest of the photos for DD’s birthday can be found here.


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