Interjections are fun ways of adding spice to both oral and written speech. Without interjections, life would be less exciting. So, to add some dash of excitement and humor the Grade 6 students made interjection poems. Laugh, smile, and giggle all you want…


by: Sofia Pablo

Oh! Medicine, the grossest thing to me;

It doesn’t taste like ice cream or sweet, sweet candy.

It makes me cry, it makes me slouch

When I swallow it to hard, I say – OUCH!

I can say NO, but then my Mama would say, “You listen to me

Or get sick and have it your way!”

I tell her “fine” then she shouts, “Well I never!”

She tells me I’m naughty and a little bit clever.

She makes tuna casserole and puts them in it;

I tell her, “I know your scheme Mama, I won’t eat a bit!”

She pinches, scolds me, and starts to cry; And then I start to say,

“Oh my, oh my!”

I comfort her and say, “I’ll do it, I’m in.”

She jumps for joy and shouts,



by: Dylan Palima

Oh no!

I don’t have any ingredients to make pie!

I need to go to the store to buy:

Got the butter,

Got the flour,

Got the things I needed to make pie!

Yes! I finish to put the ingredients together

Ready to put at the hot oven.

Ah, I’m ready to eat the pie.


Oh, no! The pie is burned!

Dear me! I need to buy the ingredients

All over again.

I need to do this

I need to do that

I wasn’t able to eat pie! Again!


by: Gelo Mariano 

Ah! It’s so dark, I wanna barf.

Well, it’s okay as long I am in one piece

 and have a key.

Ahhh! What’s that?

Ahhh, just a toy from Roy.

Well, I’ll call Roy, but he’s playing ball

But I have no choice but to sigh.


by: Jan Luke Pobre

When you bump your head
you say, “Ouch!”

When you got scratched by a bird you say,


Interjections can appear while you feel pain,

While you feel pain.

Pain’s a feeling that’s why you say these Interjections.

Interjections express feelings like –

“Ouch! I really felt that.”


by: Paula Mae Sales

Kids go to school everyday

But all of them weren’t as happy as other days.

All of them were on they’re bad sides

Since it was raining outside.

Mud was all over the  shoes and inside too.

“Ew! There is mud on my shoes!”

“Eh! Really? There’s mud on my shoes too.”

The teacher yelled, “Ahh! Why is there mud in my classroom?”

Everybody tried to clean their shoes and the room

And nobody liked that idea too.

The teacher sat on the chair and watching

The children clean the classroom here and there.


by: Paolo de Guzman

Well! Look at that we lost again.

Darn, this bad luck.

I’m a nerd, well yeah.

My team won all the time

Tokyo anywhere yeah!

Baby, gentlemen

Pow! Pee! Pow!

Alleluia! It’s over.

Darn it!

Oh, man!

My tooth fell down.


by: Kimy Roque

Well! Would you look at that,

My car is gone!

So, I asked people, “Er, have you seen my car?”

But they always answered,

“Ah, no . Sorry.”

Ah-ha! I’ll look over the parking!

Oh! There’s my car!

Uh, I wonder why it’s moving on the street, its being…



About tonymabanes

Tony is a teacher by day but in his soul life, he is a dreamer and student of life. He is both body and soul. Tony inks his thoughts to remember a day in his life. All that he has are stories to share.

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  1. maribelle says:

    Thanks for posting their poems…sofia did not mention that she made this so its really a surprise…congratulations to the 6-Martines boys and girls!!

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