Kindergarten’s Top 5 Favorite Books

Being at the age where they are developmentally able to read some words with ease, the Kindergarten children definitely use their reading skills to be able to enjoy their favorite books in class.

Nest encourages all the children, not only in preschool but as well in grade school, to read different kinds of books and learn from these. We open our library for them to freely browse through the collection we have. Likewise, Kindergarten allots their Wednesdays for Library Day where they can borrow books and bring home to read.

Hearing these children read well and enjoy the different books in class is very fun to experience!

Top 5 Favorite Books of Kindergarten

1. It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr

2. Chenelyn! Chenelyn! by Randy Garlitos

3. I’m a Little Teapot by Iza Trapani

4. No, David! by David Shannon

5. The Boy Who  Wouldn’t Share by Mike Reiss

Reading books help these children develop their language, expression, imagination and so much more!

Let’s encourage them to read more at home and enjoy reading as much as they would enjoy playing their favorite games. Kudos to Kindergarten and may their love for reading grow bigger each day!


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  1. […] from Preschool C class. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite children’s book is “It’s Okay to Be Different” by Todd Parr.  I enjoy baking cupcakes and cookies for my family and friends. I also love to read […]

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