In 2002, Nest partnered with UP Family Life and Child Development (UP FLCD)   by accepting student teachers.  We’ve shared the love of children, Progressive Education and passion for teaching to over 5 dozen FLCD practicumers. Some of them are now doctors, some are travelling the world, one is a school owner and most are educators.

Nest has been very blessed to have some of those student teachers stay and work with us. The student teachers who eventually became Nest teachers are Yvette Cruz, Brian Malabuyoc, Kleng Saet,  Jerald Barza, Paula Garcia and most recently.. Teacher L.A. Santos.

This semester, we open our doors to three new FLCD student teachers. Let’s get to know each of them.

Teacher Gia Carino 

(Preschool A)

I enjoyed my childhood playing, doing arts and crafts, reading, and experimenting in the kitchen with my mom.

At 19, I like being all over my sandbox– UP, where my life skills are put to test , my character developed, my social skills cultivated, my creativity expanded, my competencies sharpened, my being others- oriented reinforced, and my life enriched.

I’ve always adored children and believed that children are a gift from the Lord. In their eyes, one sees the purity of things and the beauty of innocence and simplicity. There is always a sense of wonder in them which makes me think of endless possibilities of what these little ones can become.

I am in FLCD because I want to become a preschool teacher someday. I want to take part in the becoming of children. It thrills me to think that children, as buds of promise would bloom, grow, and blossom and take their place under the sun. I’d like to be in the garden where they are to help nurture and develop their full potential.

Teacher Bea Estrada

(Preschool A)

A lover of music and endorphins, Teacher Bea is a senior student taking up Family Life and Child Development at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, discovering new places to eat, and going to the gym. She dislikes jaywalking, smoking, the saying “YOLO”, and not having any food in the refrigerator. She hopes to travel around the world, buy her parents a new home, and learn how to skip rope like boxers do.

Teacher Elle Catihanan

(Preschool B)

I am Teacher Elle. I love God. I love kids. I love teaching. My passion is to express God’s love to the children through activities that would develop and enrich them. I love the opportunity to plant seeds of knowledge that are basic and vital for a person in his entire life. I also like to take photographs, dance, play the piano and the guitar, watch movies, and go on adventures. I like to spend time with my friends, talk and laugh with them. I am in FLCD because I really love dealing with children. I wanted to be a pediatrician but teaching children gives me a different kind of joy and fulfillment.


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