Welcome to Nest, Preschool C!

Nest School for Whole Child Development welcomed nine charming, creative, and cheerful children back to school.

To start off the second week of school, Preschool C read “The Very Lazy Lion” by Jack Tickle and made their very own animal using colourful clays. Are you ready to take a glimpse of Preschool C’s animal creations?


Sophia A. Quebral’s light blue bird


Raphaela Therese D. Cruz’s yellow snake


Daniel Dean C. Shipley’s orange monkey


Mariska Rilo C. Kintanar’s purple snake


Joaquin Thomas A. Yanga’s red daddy, baby and mommy snakes


Dayne Mikaela P. Natividad’s pink bird


Nathan Henry S. Lumauan’s gray and green snakes


Ray M. Carpio’s brown flying dove


Rafaela Nowel L. Dolar’s blue tiger

And those are the animal creations of our dearest Preschool C!

But wait, there’s more!

Here are the happy poses of Preschool C as they play with their favorite toys in school!


Joaquin with the legos


and Kaela with the baby in the cart.


Rafee wearing the builder’s hat


Dale playing with the colourful wooden blocks




and Sophie playing with the kitchen toys


Henry with the toy train


DD reading the alphabet book


Ray playing with the toy trains and rails

And that’s a day with Preschool C. Watch out for more fun learning activities with Preschool C here at Nest! We’ll keep you posted!

More Preschool C photos here but you have to be our contact on Flickr!

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  1. teacher iam says:

    I miss my babies🙂

    They are all grown up na!

    Nice post teacher LA🙂

    Hope to visit soon!

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