“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and  knowledge.” 

-Albert Einstein

With the start of the preschool classes, I have one goal in mind – that at the end of the year, my students would enjoy learning as much as they would enjoy playing a game of Plants vs. Zombies or even a simple game of Tag.

I am sure most of the teachers, if not all, are quite anxious and nervous of what the school year would become. New faces, new lessons, new interests – these are just some of the factors that teachers need to adjust and prepare for every time a new school year starts. For me, since this is my first time teaching in Nest, all of the children do not know me and likewise for me. I do not know what to expect in the coming 10 months but one thing is for sure, these children need me for them to become great doctors, lawyers, engineers, or whatever there heart desires to be when they grow up.

More than the letters or numbers, I want to instill the joy for learning in my students. It is only through this, I believe, that they can learn more and enjoy life as it should be.

I must admit, I am nervous and excited at the same time. There are still questions in my mind as to how to handle my students this year but these won’t stop me in welcoming them with my arms wide open.

I am as excited and as curious as my students as to what this school year will be for us. Lucas, Andres, Macy, Monch, Ivan, Iola, Maki, Kyrus, and Sui of Preschool B

Quezon City-20120613-00356

also Fonzi, Mikhos, Nyneve, Rafa, Matgun, Cole, Dale, Enzo, Lucas, Christian, Gabby, Andreia, and Brooks of Kindergarten,


I am so ready for a year of fun and excitement! Are you?

Ready to enjoy 🙂 ,

T. Angelo


About Teacher Angelo

preschool teacher. adventurer. child at heart. loves to eat and taste different delicacies. would love to travel the world. optimist. dreamer. believer. "It just takes a simple smile to make things easier." :)

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