Here’s the continuation of the Separation Anxiety Q&A c/of the DZUP 1602AM Program called Radyo Edukado.

In case you missed it, the first part can be found here.

Q: What if, after a long time, say a year…my child still has not overcome school jitters or if it happens every year, do we need to seek psychological intervention for the school jitters to go away?

A: We’re fortunate that all children who had separation anxiety eventually got over it. But should such an instance happen, separation anxiety should be looked at with consideration to age of the child, frequency and extent of manifestations. If the occurrence is too frequent and the child ends up hurting himself or others, there might be a need to sit to for a meeting. It is important to talk between teachers and parents before recommending to seek professional help.

Q:  How can parents help make the school life of their children more enjoyable or memorable?

A: Parents can help make the school life more enjoyable by taking interest and showing involvement in school activities. Talking to the child to inquire about activities, friends and feelings help in showing support to the child. Also, volunteering to do something for the child’s class is a major morale booster for the child. Some ideas are:

  • talking about one’s career or interest (ex. biking, cooking, etc.)
  • becoming a chaperone for a fieldtrip
  • teaching a craft or skill


Separation anxiety is a normal part of the development of young children. It is a sign that they begin to recognize that they are different from their parent or caregiver. To ease children into schooling it is vital to prepare, familiarize, maintain home-school communication and trust in the school.

Again, many thanks to Thanks T. Charo, T. Venice, T. Mike and Ivy of DZUP for the wonderful experience!

How about you, any experiences on school jitters or separation anxiety? Share your thoughts at the comment box below!


T. Paula


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