After 4 weeks of fun and learning, the Bookwagon class of 2012 ended on June 2, Friday, with a get-together with their parents and relatives. The children prepared a short song and dance number while the parents, relatives and guests brought food to share.

The program started with T. Angelo doing an icebreaker game with the children. The game was  “Longest Breath” wherein each child, together with their mom, dad or tita, held their breaths for as long as they can as they say the line, “I love Bookwagon.”

After the game, T. LA gave the opening remarks to formally start the event. She then called Cole and Brooks on stage to lead the singing of the opening prayer,  “He’s the Lord”, to properly bless the whole event.

It was then followed by the medley of songs and dances they practiced. They sang and danced to the songs “Kumusta, Kumusta Kayong Lahat”, “Deep and Wide”, “Bow, Bow, Bow, Belinda”, and “Skidamarink”.


The next part of the program was another  game by T. Angelo which was a game of “Bring Me”. Everyone had fun including the parents who would immediately look for the objects being asked  for their children.

The program was then followed by the Prayer Before Meals. Everyone enjoyed the food each family brought. They were all very delicious!

While everyone was eating, a short video presentation that included pictures of what the children have done throughout the whole 4 weeks was shown.

After the video, T. Je gave the closing remarks thanking all the parents and guests for attending and also for a wonderful Bookwagon class this was this year. The children properly closed the event with the closing prayer, “Thank You, Jesus” followed by “Paalam na Sa Inyo”.

We will surely miss all the Bookwagon children! May they always remember the wonderful world of Eric Carle we all enjoyed! 🙂


Which was your favorite part of the program parents and guests? Which of the Eric Carle-inspired activities did you like best?

weekly plan

Click here  for more culminating activity pictures.

And oh..if you’d like a DVD of the Bookwagon pictures and video presentation, kindly leave us a comment below. 🙂


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