Grade School starts on the 6th and Preschool starts on the 13th of June! Are you and your kid/s all set for the first day of SY 2012-2013?

One of the reminders T. Tina gave during Parent Orientation last Saturday was to label all of the children’s things before bringing them to school.

In the past, parents would often ask if ALL things have to be labelled or if it can be limited to the contents of the child’s box or hygiene kit.

So..labelling qualifies as one FAQ!

First off, if your child does not lose any of his/her things in one school year, I congratulate you. That is quite a rarity, especially among younger kids.

It is really a Nest policy that all of the children’s things should be labelled. Yes, you read it right…all.  It is indeed a very tedious and time consuming task but in the long run, it will help you save in many ways.

Allow me to elaborate…

What’s the BIG deal about 



1. Labels help you save money.

See, putting labels on all your child’s things dramatically lessens the probability of the items to be lost in school and increases the chances that should your child misplace his/her things, they can be returned to the proper owner.

You wouldn’t believe how many un-labelled water bottles, Lock&Lock boxes, shirts (and even shoes) end up in our lost and found bin. And even if we ask the children or their caregiver to identify these items, they couldn’t do so without any identifying mark.

Imagine how much you could save if none of your child’s things get lost! You may end up needing to buy new things for the next semester or school year even!

2. Labels help save time and energy.

Yes, having your child’s things labelled saves time for you, your child and your child’s teacher.

It has happened far too many times that a parent or yaya comes to school asking for a child’s lost belongings. And a teacher, out of concern for the child, would usually spend time to scour the room (and the school after class) should that object not be in the Lost and Found box.  Some years ago, one parent even blamed the teacher for not looking for a toy hard enough. That was sad. We just had to give a gentle reminder that the teacher’s focus and primary duty is to teach and care for the child, not his personal belongings.

On a lighter note, labels saves time during  clean-up and pack-away. Yup, no matter if your child is in Preschool or Grade School, a labelled object will always be returned to its proper place the fastest.

3.  Labels help teach Preschoolers become familiar with their names and other environmental prints.

I remember my cousin who was made to write her name during the first day of school. She didn’t know how, but she looked under her pencil case and copied the letters. When asked why she did so she said “It’s my pencil case, I think that is my name on it.”

Seeing their names on all of the things that belong to them create an environmental print awareness in preschoolers, as well as sense of ownership.

And as child development goes, being able to recognize environmental print and sight words is one of the pre-reading skills needed by young children.

4. Labels help teach responsibility.

If you’ve seen the classrooms at Nest, one of the distinct features are the tags on the furniture and learning materials. We want the children to know where to get their materials and toys as well as where to return them.

For younger children who are not yet readers, we start them off with word+picture labels.

For older kids, we like putting up labels in English and Filipino to encourage bilingualism.

Making sure your child’s personal belongings are properly labelled is like your reminder for them to take care of their things.

It might take a lot of time and effort, but labeling can also be fun! Some parents go as far as getting their kids involved in choosing designs and boarders, laminating labels and having their children’s things embroidered in colorful letters.

Can you think of other benefits of labels or tags for children? Do you have labelling tips and tricks to share? Let us know at the comment section below.


T. Paula


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