Last May 7, 2012, the Bookwagon Class welcomed 8 unique, energetic, and fantastic children to 12 sessions of work play, stories, and amazing bonding and learning experiences.

Meet and greet the children of Bookwagon Class!
DSC01747 DSC01749 DSC01751
(L-R): Basti Tan. Brooks Mays, and Cole Minerva
20120521_085812 DSC01753 P5060005
(L-R): Macy Garcia, Martin Tumabiao, Monch Ventus, and Zach Ventus

And let’s altogether enjoy the learning activities we shared for the past few sessions!

On the first day, we played “Pin the tail on the mouse”. Go Basti! You can do it!


We also listed our classroom rules.

We also made our surprise Mother’s day pop-up card. DSC01727

The children also enjoyed painting and decorating their picture frames.

The Bookwagon class was also divided into two groups. They played body parts puzzle hide and seek.

And wola! They formed Barney and Joey!

The children used crayons and stencils to make their t-shirt designs.


The class also read and completed their morning message on the board.

. P5080021

They also sang songs and danced to the beat of “Ako ay May Lobo”, “Deep and Wide”, and “Eeensy Weensy Spider”.

We also ate our snacks…


read a book …

2012-05-21 10.16.21


2012-05-21 10.24.10

… watered our plants,

2012-05-18 10.44.50

played outdoors, and said goodbye to a fun-filled day at Bookwagon Class! 


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