Outdoor Play is an important part of the class routine. It is when the children go outside their classroom and experience the “real” world.  It is not just about playing in the school playground, running around chasing classmates and friends, climbing the monkey bars, going up and down the seesaw and slides, etc. Outdoor Play provides children an opportunity to experiment, learn and grow.

It helps them develop their motor skills,

as well as their social and emotional skills.


Being outdoors is a nice way of discovering the world around us. Children love to explore their surroundings!

Major activities for the day can also be done outside to motivate the children.

Physical exercise should be a regular endeavour for children as it promotes growth and development.

Encourage the children’s imaginative thinking by talking to them or asking questions while they play.

Or join them and have fun together!

Let the children catch some much needed sunshine, run around, learn…let them play!

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