The Robins truly love music. They would sing along with the music when they hear it playing in the background during Free Play. They would even suggest songs for us to play during Circle Time.

Here are some of their favourites:

The Slippery Fish Song never fails to get the attention of the Robins. We ask them if they remember what animals is next and who gets eaten by who. And we remind them to say “excuse me”  when they hear the burping sound in the end!

Deep and Wide makes their arms move about in all directions when they do its actions. Through this song, the Robins learn about opposites. 

The Robins immediately stand up when they sing Bow Bow Belinda. They just need a partner and they won’t mind that they’ll get tired afterwards.Why? It’s because they would get a hug each time they reach the part that says, “You’re the one I love.”

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of music for they can come in handy when you use them wisely. Aside from helping children to transition from one routine to the next, songs help children remember concepts that would’ve been hard for them to bear in mind if there was no music at all. 

Don’t be shy and move to the beat of the music just like the Robins! 


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