As the class went on to talk about Europe, particularly about Italy, we felt that there needed to be extra learning, rather than focusing on transportation all the  time. With this, we went with the Robins and Herons class to Greenwich Pizza Camp last February 17, 2012.

Upon arriving, the children had ice breaker rounds like story telling and games. Afterwhich, the children were asked to wash hands and wear their aprons, to be ready for cooking! As they assembled themselves around the table, the ingredients were served.

Together with the hosts, they made their pizza as they followed a step-by-step process. They spread pizza sauce over the pizza dough, then added cheese, spiced ham, and pineapples. After putting the ingredients, the hosts got the pizza to be baked. The kids waited excitedly, ready to eat their own pizza!

The pizza was served along with pasta. The children ate with much gusto! This pizza camp is surely an extraordinary learning experience!

Take a look at all our pizza fun by clicking the links below:





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  1. […] As we talk about the music from different countries, the Kindergarten class also took the chance of doing things related to these different countries. We take our tummies to the country of Italy and decided to make our very own Pizza!  […]

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