Isn’t it great to spend time with your family through guessing mystery words while eating polvoron, going through the limbo rack while your feet are tied together, tongue twister to the top and down of a hundred or more steps, or swimming in a tub of sand looking for coins?

These were just some of the hilarious moments at Nest’s Family Day at the La Mesa Eco Park

Truly, Family Days are more fun in Nest!

Click on the photos to see more of what happened in every station.

1: Pinoy Henyo
2: Juego de Anillo
3: Hagdan-hagdang Pasahan
4: Boom Tarat-tarat
5: Sipa
6: Kapit-Tuko
7: Pebrero: Buwan ng Pag-igib
8: Piso sa Buhangin
Thank you for spending your Saturday with us Nest families!
Congratulations to the different teams!

About tonymabanes

Tony is a teacher by day but in his soul life, he is a dreamer and student of life. He is both body and soul. Tony inks his thoughts to remember a day in his life. All that he has are stories to share.

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