The Cardinals Class moved on to talk about the unique transportation in Africa. To start of the week, the children were first introduced to Africa as a continent. During Free Play, the children colored different flags of African countries. They shared their own flags during Meeting Time. Also, during this routine, the class mapped the famous spots in Africa.

For Story Time, the class read Moja Means One: Swahili counting book. They were delighted as they as they learned how to count in Swahili. The book also showcased the different aspects of African culture such as clothing, festivals, and children’s games.

To reinforce the concepts learned, the children made Savannah Animals Puppet during Activity Time. The children were grouped into twos or threes and they made elephants, hippopotamus, giraffes, and rhinoceros. The children followed a step-by-step instructions on how to make the puppet. Afterwhich, they showed it with such great pride on their faces!

To end the day, the children watched short clips from Lion King 1.

It was a wild and exciting introduction to Africa!


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