Christmas is the season to spread love. It is the merriest season filled with glittering songs, shimmering dances, and sparkling smiles that will last the whole year.

For Nest students, it is the time to show the world how to SHINE with love!

The Cardinals started the class presentations with their rendition of Ziggy Marley’s “What a Wonderful World“.


The Nest babies, Sparrows and Mockingbirds put smiles on our faces through their “Here Comes the Sun” dance number.


The Robins lit up the stage with a cheerful “Walking on Sunshine” performance.


The Herons chanelled their inner pop stars with the bubbly “Reach for the Stars” dance number.


The Blue Jays wowed the crowd with the finger-lights and “Kumukuti-kutitap” dance.


Grade 1 Maya’s “I’ll Shine” showed how good there kids are at singing and doing the ribbon dance.

2 Lawin’s “Let Love Shine The Light” was a blend of nice melodies and tambourine tunes.


Grade 1 Pagala’s rendition of “This Little Light of Mine” was so upbeat and fun!


The Grade 4 Loro caught everyone’s attention with their sparkly gloves and high-energy performance of “Light Up the World


The Grade 3-Agila performed a more solemn rendition of “This Little Light of Mine” complete with solo parts and finger lights.

The Grades 5, 6 and 7 gave light (and direction) to entire program through their speech choir presentation of The Story of Creation and The Wonderful Story of Christmas.


Grade School students sang Hallelujah Chorus,

all the Nest students went up to perform “Shine Jesus Shine”


and close the program through the Nest Song.

Special thanks to:

Aaron and Isabel of Grade 2 Lawin for leading the National Anthem

_MG_6021 _MG_6023

Jeremy (Grade 3) and Bettina (Grade 4) for taking on the roles of Joseph and Mary.


Check out the gallery for the rest of the pictures!


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  1. […] the reason why we celebrate Christmas when Mommy Veira Gonzales (of Kezia) read to them the book The Wonderful Christmas Story. The book illustrated how Mary and Joseph looked for a place where Mary can give birth to Baby […]

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