Relative pronouns would be a bore to learn without the aid of a poem. To better understand relative pronouns, students were asked to make their autobiographical poems infused with relative pronoun “who”. And here are the results of a day of rumbling their mind with words…




White, tall, and annoyed
Brother of Sophie
Lover of Slurpees, candy and computer
Who feels sadness, sleepiness, and happiness
Who needs food, house, and shelter
Who fears insects, cockroaches, and rats.
Who would like to see Ezio, Altair, and France.
Resident of Malinis St. Quezon city






Serious, Jolly, loving, and friendly
Sister of Alex
Lover of typewriter, cheese, and chocolate
Who feels sad when writing a letter to someone
Who needs laugher, love and peace
Who gives food, water, and clothes
Who fears insects, criminals, and doctors
Who would like to see seastars, happy people, and typewriter
Resident of Tondo, Morga St.





Kind, cute, happy, a student of nest
Brother of Kuya AJ
Lover of video games, people, toys.
Who feels happy reading books and when with the family.
Who fears snakes.
Who needs love, joy, peace.
Who gives kindness, happiness, and love
I like to see Rome, USA, Canada
Resident of Masbate St. Q.C.






Talented, kind, talkative, and sensitive
Sister of Max and Joaquin.
Lover of babies, family, and friends.
Who feels happy when painting, playing, and reading.
Who needs love, laughter, and intelligence.
Who gives comfort, love and attention.
Who fears exotic spiders, snakes, and vampires.
Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and New York City.
Resident of Fairview Quezon City.



Lonely, sometimes, crazy, kind, and sometimes lazy
Brother of Matthew
Lover of electronic gadgets, books, video games.
Who feels happy when reading, fun while playing, excited when New Year or Christmas comes.
Who needs patience, self-control, and correct behavior.
Who fears paranormal happenings, future calamity, and when I’m in deep trouble.
Who would like to see Joaquin and Bea stop their unusual behavior. No violence and dreams for a better future.
Resident of Project 6, Quezon City.


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