We live in a concrete jungle and steel treetops. When the human heart is weary it turns to words to color its world. Though the art of poetry has little significance at this time where mediocrity blooms out of incognizant of our truth as both human and being, the true testament of our soul is expressed in the words and voice of the youth that will carry on the torch of life. This poem collection expresses the inner recesses of these children’s make believe world where they feel safe. There is no judgment, only praises for they recreate the world through their words. Relish the words for surely it will add another dimension to your soul. Laugh, sigh, cry, all these are emotions. Emotions are never wrong. These children are never wrong for they speak the truth of this generation. Reeking of hope, leaking with joy, somber sometimes, hopeful all the time.


Passing Gas in Class

As I sit on my chair in class
My classmate keeps on passing gas
I always tell him, “Can you stop?”
Because your gas will really pop
Suddenly the bell rings loudly
And the gas-passer farts sadly
– Veda Zabala and Shouzan Tanaka

Mysterious noises

I cannot see in the dark
And I heard a falling bark
My dad is using the drill
And there’s a noise in the grill
And I heard another noise
No, it’s just the fighting boys
– Alon Quebral



The leaves are dancing
The trees are growing more
I’m filled with galore
– Bella Ante


Wonderful nature
Beautiful trees and flowers
And animals, too
-Daryl del Castillo

The Library

In this space you’ll find
Adventures foretold in books
Enjoyed by all kinds
-Bea Zamora

Sun Renews

Warms the heart anew
It colors everything else
Ah, sunlight renews
-Teacher Tony

Flower of “Betterness”

This flower is small
This flower makes me better
And it is dancing
– Alon Quebral

Art of War

War is worse than fights
Strategy is important
War is not pretty
-Seth Cucio

Spirit Flower

This flower has grace
It told me to pick it up
It was an angel
– Kaio Dancel

The Flower Power

The flower of wind
The flower makes me feel smooth
Resting place for me
– Paolo de Guzman

Wind from the West

I can feel the wind
The pink flowers from the tree
To west, I feel peace
– Dylan Palima

Sign of Hope

The flower is red
In my thoughts war rules
The flower is a sign of hope
– Gelo Mariano

A future flower

Those flowers are bright
See the tip of the flower?
Oh it was golden
– Carlo Ronquillo


Unriped mango
-Kenneth Pangilinan

Pleased many people
Opens the heart of many
Enchanted words create sadness, happiness, and pain
Most poems are know around the world
-Aldrick Collado

Heat energy
Outside sizzling
Totally extreme scorching
Sea is blue
A lot of fishes to see
Lots of corals
Tempting to eat salty food
– Dylan Palima

Nestled in the heart of Quezon City
Established ten years ago
Safe haven for all learners
Totally trailblazing, Totally inspiring
-Teacher Tony


About tonymabanes

Tony is a teacher by day but in his soul life, he is a dreamer and student of life. He is both body and soul. Tony inks his thoughts to remember a day in his life. All that he has are stories to share.

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