It was a bright and sunny day. The children were all very excited. But why? It was because, they made their edible sailboat  from  an apple and a cheese. Yum, yum! Before making their sailboats, Teacher Aya first read a story entitled “Harbor”. This book introduced the day’s topic: Water Transportation. The children were very attentive as Teacher Aya read the story to them.

Some children asked for the names of the boats in the book. 

After reading the story, Teacher Aya told the children that they would be given the chance to make their own sailboat using  an apple and a cheese. The children’s faces brightened up as they smiled. They rushed to the Art Area and started making their own Apple sailboat.

The children waited for their apple, cheese and toothpick.

“Teacher, were done!” The children showed their finished sailboats to the teachers. 

Do you want to see the finished sailboats of the children? Here’s a sample…

The sailboats had to sail after they were made by the children, but where did these sailboats go? There could be no other place but to their… STOMACHS! laugh


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