Cooking rice has never been this fun, especially when you have ten amazing little cooks with you! smiley Let’s see how the day of the Cardinals class passed…

As a starter, the Cardinals class washed the rice during their Activity Time 1.

Let’s see how our little chefs did it…

First, they poured some cups of rice into the pot…

Afterwards, some children volunteered to put water in the pot. Others wanted to wash the rice with their hands.

EmM had her turn in washing the rice before they cooked it. 

The other children waited patiently for their turn. 

One last washing before Teacher Aya placed the pot on the stove.  

While waiting for the rice to be cooked,  the class listened to Teacher Aya as she read the story, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. 

To process the story, the children had a Delivery Truck activity where they had to put all the good food inside their delivery truck. Before they could glue the food on the truck, they had to put drinking straws as outline of their truck first.

The children were very busy making the outline of their delivery trucks. 

They had to cut the good food from the paper and glue it on their straw-based delivery truck. 

After doing the activity, the children had their Outdoor Play. The rice was cooked just in time for the children’s Snack Time. These little chefs of ours had thefirst taste of their cooked rice. Now see how much they enjoyed eating their rice… YUMMY! cheeky

 The children truly enjoyed the activities for the day. These activities did not only cater to the children’s interests, but the activities also taught them to eat healthy food.

Keep on eating healthy food, children! yes


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