The children crowded over an object with two wheels near the Reading Area during the Free Play Time. It is something that people use to move around places… It is a BICYCLE!

Before the Cardinals class talked about four-wheeled vehicles, they first discussed the other means of transportation, like the two-wheeled vehicles. So a day with bicycles went on…

Safety is very important for the Cardinals Class. With this, the children made their paper mache bicycle helmet with their partners.

Each pair got one balloon and covered it with newspapers and glue. 

The Bicycle Day did not stop there. Look at what the class had during the Meeting Time…

Teacher Aya showed a Mountain Bike to the children. She also discussed about the parts of the bicycle. 

The children were all excited when they saw the Mountain Bike at the Meeting Area. With their excitement, they went closer and touched the parts of the bicycle. To process what the children had learned, this was what happened as their final activity for the day…

The children formed their bicycle puzzles! smiley

They found the activity challenging. But when they completed their puzzles, they were all proud of their works. Good job, children! yes


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