Car washing is an adult thing, we know that.

But there are things that make kids good “car washers”, too.

1. They listen and (most of the time) follow instructions. So give them some.

2. They can work alone..

3. ..Or in groups.

 4. They don’t mind getting soap on them.

5. They don’t mind getting wet.

6. Actually, they enjoy it.

7. Hard-to-reach areas is a challenge they are willing to take.

8. They don’t forget about the tires.

9. They enjoy car washing!

10. They’d do it for free! 😀

So next time your car needs a little washing, why not call on the little ones for help? They’ll love helping and love you more for this fun bonding activity!


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  1. […] Car washing is one example of things the children and their family can all enjoy. There are a lot of things to do in the house that children can help with. They just need guidance and help in doing the things needed to be done. […]

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